Thank You Artos and Talitha Cumi.

In the name of Jesus.  I am writing to thank you for not cancelling the retreat.  I never realised that I was holding on to so much pain, hurt, regret, shame, unforgiveness, worthless and non-trust in my heart. I have been given the opportunity to pour out,  cry out, release and repent to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I slept for only two hours because the Holy Spirit was ministering to me.   I now know who I am in God, and I know my name.

I am strong, powerful, full of worth, beautiful inside and out.  I no longer hold on to pain, hurt, shame or unforgiveness. My is Ca##### meaning JOY, MELODY, SONG. I  will worship God in song and praise Him with my whole heart and I declare that I Mrs Ca#### Sm### WILL NOT go back.

I believe that this retreat was God’s gift to me.  He put on great banquet because His daughter come home.  All that I could eat and God just told me to eat and be filled until I could not hold anymore.  In doing this all I could do was bring up all that didn’t agree with my body because I ate so much of what my Father put in front of me, worthlessness, shame, pain, hurt, unforgiveness and dis-belief could no longer stay in me.

So, I thank you Ms Beckford (mother of nations) and Pastor Beverley (seeker, encourager and re-newer of the Sm### family), for your obedience in God and bringing me home.   I do not say that I can sprint, but I feel that I can jog and with time I WILL RUN with hurdle feet.  I AM NOT FORGOTTEN, FOR GOD knows my Name.

Thank you again to all Artos and Talitha Cumi for your love and devotion in God.

Amen Amen and Amen

St Mark 6:31-44

El Shaddai- A God whose more than enough.


Sunday – October 23

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