God uses Isaiah 54, to tell His Ancient People to start singing. However, in their current state, they had no reason to sing, because they felt as if God had rejected them. Israel felt like a ‘jilted bride’ standing at the altar in embarrassment, and humiliation. Furthermore, in verse five we read that God had not just rejected them, but worse still, He had ‘hidden His Face’ from them. This last act of God resulted in them being homeless, childless, destitute, and displaced.

But things are about to change. Despite Israel’s unfaithfulness, infidelity, and disloyalty, God remembers His own Covenant Agreement that He had made with them. God tells them, ‘It was only for a brief moment that I left you, but I am coming to bring you back home. I hid My Face from you just for a minute, but now I’m going to lavish My Loving Kindness all over you. I am still Married to you’, the Lord tells them

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