What is in your heart?

Good morning Artos, I pray everyone is in good health, just a quick word of encouragement while I encourage myself, but before I go any further if you feel in your spirit that the Lord has called you to fast today, please be obedient.

I was just saying to Lord, whenever You call for me to fast it’s something…

People I encouragement you today to find peace in everything you do, if you are in a workplace and you see enemy is trying it, find solitude in Jesus Christ, ask the Holy Spirit when to speak and when not to if you don’t get an answer and circumstances aroused ask the Holy Spirit to speak through you.

This morning I want to pray over the eyes, The bible says our eyes are the lamp of our body, so if your eyes are healthy your whole body will be full of light Matthew 6:22-23

Moses told the Israelites watch yourself carefully don’t be corrupted by the carved image in Deut 4, our eyes can deviate us away from what God want us, our eyes should stay on prize, Jesus Christ is the prize…

People God the enemies will try it with us, from making us what He want us see, Samuel judge Israel 60 years and scripture says his words never fell to ground but yet still when he went to Jess house he saw the finest sons, good built of Jess first son Eliab I think his name is, and goes as far as looking at the other sons, but yet still his eyes didn’t bring to see the King in backside attending to sheep.

Today I prophesy over Artos, we will see, those that God are sending to bless us, won’t pass us and go to others, the enemies will not rob us anymore, we are taking back what God as given to us, if because of lack of sight that made us not to receive in seasons past, the Lord says this year is the year, the word came this is our Kairos season, please run with it, there’s a shifting in this season, we are stepping out of the back into the front, our appetite is big for Jesus and His will, and the things that He about to show the house of Artos we will see it, I decree the devil will not blind us, WE WILL SEE IT IN JESUS NAME…

I would love to write all that’s in my spirit, but time won’t let me, I would like to leave you with a good word  Ephesians 1:18 I pray the eyes our heart may be enlighten so will see what God will have Artos to do in this season, I pray that we may not stumble or derail from what God has for us, may we see inevitable favour, uncommon manifestations and very sudden acceleration in Jesus name 🙏,be bless.

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