Is. 43:18-19 ‘And You Shall See It’
Inevitable Favour; Uncommon Manifestation; Sudden Acceleration.

Topic: UNITY

Exodus 35:35
‘Unity in building the Tabernacle’

Genesis 11:4-6
‘Unity in building Babel’

Ezra 6:14-15
‘Unity in rebuilding the Temple’

Nehemiah 2:18 & 4:6
‘ Unity in rebuilding the Wall’

Haggai 1:7-8 &14
‘Unity in rebuilding God’s House’

Acts 2:1-4; 44-47
‘Unity in Christ’s Body’

Ephesians 4:11-16
‘Unity to Full Measure’

Prayer by Pastor Nathan

Exodus, 35, 29, New King James Version.
It says the children of Israel brought a free will offering to the Lord. The men and women whose hearts were willing to bring material for all kinds of work which the Lord by the hand of Moses.

Had commanded to be done. We thank you, Father, for this. Account of how the Tabernacle was built, how you had everything or God that was needed. For the building. Everything that was necessary. To be brought, to be offered. As free will of friends, Oh God.

Hallelujah for your ordinances. To be fashioned. We thank you that you, you selected people of God with skill. And you selected and you call those, oh God, you selected the people with skills to build the Tabernacle. And you called all those who were skilled and doing other things to support the function of the Tabernacle.

Almighty God. And we thank you that, we, are expected. You want us to do the same today. Come with willing hearts. And offer what you have given us over the skills that you have given us. That we will offer them. We read that in, in the tabernacle they have. A table of showbread and you wanted the most skilled baker to bake the showbread. You call them to come with the spices for the altar of incense.

And those were offerings. And they were all necessary and so whatever the people could do, oh God.
To the best of their abilities. You required it. And you required willing attitudes, O God. I pray that God will help us that we will do whatever you have given us to do or God with all our heart and to offer it willingly. Without being pushed because unity, it is not unity if we do it but don’t agree with it. That’s how the kingdom of the devil works.

But your kingdom operates through love, through willingness, through submission, Oh God. And I pray that you will turn our hearts working us to will and to do of your good pleasure, O God. That in doing your will. Oh God, we will find our place. Some could only give materials. I pray that you will help us all God to come with what we have, what you have given us.

Because he could not do everything by himself So you wanted people who could bring the wood who could bring the cloth who could bring All those things that were needed and people who could make the polls. Oh God, I pray that do help us that we will offer everything that we can. In building your house, oh God, in, in the support of the work, you wanted people to bring the oil for the lamp, you wanted people who could not only build the lamp stand and things like that, but you wanted to bring the, and things like that, but you wanted people to bring the oil.

They couldn’t build, they didn’t have the skill to bring the oil, they couldn’t build, they didn’t have the skill to bring the oil. They couldn’t build, they didn’t have the skill to build. The lamps, but they could bring the oil, they could crush, they were skilled at crushing the olives to make the oil and that what you required. Those who bring the showbread, they, couldn’t make the table. They didn’t have to make the table.

But they could add the ingredients to the flower. Oh god, which was required, and they could bake the best bread, ogre, the best showbread. You want it the best. You want our best, oh God, the best that we can do. Help us to search ourselves, oh God. And to do it willingly, without grumbling, without grudging. You said that in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 that you want us to be cheerful you love a cheerful giver when we’ve done something for you oh God, we will be cheerful about it will be cordial about its almighty God because it is for you.

Hallelujah. And it doesn’t mean that we own everything whatsoever we’ve given, we’ve given to you Almighty God. Those who brought gold. They gave it and it belonged to you. Okay, they couldn’t come and claim and said that gold belongs to me. So, I’ll pray that you’ll help us that we will give willingly whatsoever we are able so that your work can be built. And help us. That we will pray. Oh God. Because that is one of the ingredients.

And we can all do that. We should all do that. Almighty God, we should pray for those who have the greater building work to do. Oh God. Hallelujah, some could only offer money, some could only offer the finances, and some can only do that. Some have more earthly goods than others. Oh God and so are able to contribute more. I pray that you will turn the hearts of those over who are able.

As you give them more that they’ll not try to hold on to it and see your work. Oh God, see your work. See your work constrained. I pray that you will help us that whatsoever we can do whatsoever we can contribute. We will do it willingly. In love, oh God. Because you do not require, if it’s not in love then it’s you will not reward it, oh God. I pray that you will help us that we will operate in love. In unity, in humility, in the name of Jesus. We just thank you, Father. For all that you have done and for all the people that you have brought and are bringing all God into this ministry.

That we will see everyone working together and praying for one another. According to God, love in the spirit of love and humility. In the name of Jesus, where you just commit us into your hands and we commit your people into your hands, oh God. We thank you for those who brought goat’s hair and RAM skin. Which were important and necessary, you required them. And we thank you for those who are able to do things that we, we, we don’t even think about.

What we’ve given them an ability and the skill and resources, oh God, for those things to be done.
Help us to appreciate everything that your people bring, Almighty God, that we will turn nothing away. However, we will accept everybody will accept them in love. And in unity work together in unity in Jesus’ name, I pray.


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