Prayer 2

The term ‘desolate’, can also mean, abandoned; neglected; rejected; and discarded. The pain of rejection runs very deep, and often starts way before the collapse of a person’s ‘first-love’. Rejection can start in the womb, where the pregnancy was unplanned and unwanted. Such a pregnancy is then carried in disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, and fear. These negative emotions have the capacity to affect the babies in the womb. If these ‘spirits of rejection’ are not spiritually recognised and terminated, they will endeavour to follow our children into their teenage lives. If you are wondering why, you or your children are failing to thrive, check what spirits are influencing and hindering your progress, it may just be a ‘spirit of rejection’.
Of course, spirits of rejection do not operate alone, Isaiah 54:4-6, makes us aware of their accomplices, such as fear, shame, disgrace, and reproach.

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