Out Of Your Belly Shall Flow – Day 5

Out Of Your Belly Shall Flow – Day 5- The enemy knows how to recruit and train people to fulfil his agenda. Many of these people are positioned strategically within our day-to-day living environment. Sometimes we foolishly or unconsciously invite them into our inner chamber, or worse still, into our ‘war-room’ and over our alters. We cannot and must not underestimate the adversary, his intention is to gain access into your spiritual domain, so that he can pollute the intimacy that you have with your Father. If the enemy can disrupt your relationship with God, then he may just be able to manipulate his way into your heart. The most effective way for your adversary to gain access into this very private space, is to wait for you to ‘fall asleep’, because this is when you are most vulnerable. Hence, Matthew 13:25 explains, that it was ‘Whilst they slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and then went his way’.

People of God, I do not want you to miss what I am saying. ‘Tares’ are the produce of our adversary and thus,

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