‘Out Of Your Belly Shall Flow’ – Day 4

Yesterday I wrote that the enemy is after what you are carrying in your belly. The enemy is seeking to lay his hands on your ‘life-source’: to steal it, kill it, and destroy it. The enemy’s intention is to dry up your ‘water supply’. He does so by attacking the fountainhead of your river reserve, also known in Greek as the ‘cardia’ or heart. The adversary knows that it is out of our heart ‘flows the issues of life’, another version describes it as, ‘the source of life’, or ‘the outflowings of life’ (Proverbs 4:23).
The enemy attacks whilst you are vulnerable. Have you heard about the story of the farm owner? A certain farm owner and his workers planted acres of choice wheat. After a very long exhausting day, they went to sleep, ‘and whilst they slept’, the enemy came into the field and sowed tares, also known as weeds or cheats, (Matthew 13:24-30). The enemy has a well-designed agenda against God’s people, but as long as you are alert, he has difficulty fulfilling his objective. Subsequently, his purp

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