Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 8

Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 8 – Church, you and I are the enemy’s biggest opposition here on earth. Scripture describes us as ‘salt’ and ‘light’, (Matthew 5:13-16). Salt and light are known to be ‘transforming agents’. Like salt and light, we too are empowered to realign, alter, and transform everything that we interact with. It is the Lord’s will that we grow in grace, unto the knowledge of God, carrying an anointing designed to oppose, block, prevent, and resist every plan of the enemy. Subsequently, the enemy’s next best scheme is to devise a counterattack, and he does this by endeavouring to gain access into the core of our hearts. The enemy’s intention is to contaminate God’s ‘Bride, (God’s garden), by planting his own ‘tares’, his own behavioural traits into you and me.

It is imperative that we understand the implications of having the enemy’s tares in our garden. To fully grasp this demonic project, would necessitate another look at our theme text in John 7:37-38.

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