Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 6

Out of My Belly Shall Flow –  Day 6- Today, I want to further unpackage the strategies of our adversary concerning God’s people. We have spent some time studying Matthew 13:25 and have seen how the enemy is able to gain access into our hearts. It is from this vantage-point, that the antagonist is able to sow his ‘tares’ (or weeds) amongst the fruitful seedlings. The adversary’s intention to negatively influence our harvest. Tares are the ‘birth-child’ or product of our adversary (also called ‘the god of this world’), and he has staked his claim on this kingdom domain. The enemy’s intention is to make this realm his empire. Consequently, the enemy’s struggle for dominion is ongoing and relentless. Yes, my sisters and brothers, ‘the struggle is real’.
People of God, I’m touching on matters, issues, problems, and concerns, that if left unbridled or unchecked, they can become deeply embedded within your foundation. Once they are in, their role is to remain undetected but poisonous. For many Children of God, these ‘tares’,

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