Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 3

Out of My Belly Shall flow – Day 3- Saints of God, the enemy is after what you are carrying. In Genesis 3:15, the Lord told Eve that He would put ‘enmity between the serpent and the woman’. Thus, there is a war going on for what we have in our ‘belly’. How many times have you asked or wondered why your struggle is so intense? Your struggle is severe because every ‘seed’ you carry threatens the enemy. Every time you become pregnant, whether it is with child, or purpose, or vision, or an idea, a business plan, a scheme, a proposal, a project, or whatever else it may be, the enemy sees it as an instrument of destruction aimed against him. It was prophesied long ago that we would be the carriers of God’s supernatural weapon that He would use to annihilate the enemy. Why do you think the battle is so intense? Isn’t it amazing that when we choose to do nothing but sit back in ease and comfort, life becomes less of a struggle…that is because you are no longer a threat.
Right throughout Scripture, we see the enemy launching aggressive attacks

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