Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 20

Out of My Belly Shall Flow - Day 20

Daughter’s Declaration – Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 20

1. Procrastination, delays action
Procrastination kills potential.
Why foolishly wait, for the perfect condition
My zeal will not diminish, neither will my passion.

2. No more abandoned dreams, no more distractions
No forsaken ideas, no more contention
No more unfulfilled visions, too many to mention
Creation groans…I WILL PAY ATTENTION

3. I was chosen by God; with him I have a covenant.
The seed I carry is of the same remnant.
I am sealed with His blood, full of truth and substance.
So, I speak to my womb…A TREASURE ROOM, I breakthrough resistance.

4. I cry out to God; this is my petition.
Into my womb, let there be conception.
Into my womb, God make room for creation.
Authenticated by Him a God without limitation.

5. Who in the beginning, saw a void and said:
‘Let there be’.
And in the midst of the void and darkness…
the madness had to flee.
God released on Earth, things in Heaven.
Utilising the key.
By his Holy Ghost spirit, It’s now up to me.

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