Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 19

Out of My Belly Shall Flow - Day 19

Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 19 – After Isaac prayed, Rebekah, his wife, conceived. Saints of God, this is where you are permitted to stop reading this message, lift your hands into the air, and give God a shout of praise for your own personal answers to prayer. Fortify yourself with worship, reinforce and strengthen your praise, because what you have in your belly is extraordinary. What you have in your belly has, in its DNA, the power to ‘conquer your enemy’. Of course, your adversary is not going to sit back and allow you to ‘give birth’ without a ‘contending’ or an ‘opposition’. Right in the middle of our theme text, right in the middle of the blessing, right in the centre of our breakthrough, we see an ‘however’. Yes, Rebekah did conceive, ‘However, the children struggled together within her’. Perhaps you too are experiencing an ‘However’ Struggle in your life.

If we were to read the full story, we would realise that this was not an ordinary blessing… this was a blessing according to the promise.

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