Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 15

Out of My Belly Shall Flow - Day 15

Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 15- Saints of God, as we are only a few days away from our Talitha Cumi Empowerment weekend, please allow me to share a personal story of mine. After my second divorce, I felt like I was on a roll. I went back to college to study for my master’s including several other academic programmes. I launched a ministry entitled ‘Meeting By The Well’, I was traveling extensively, and wrote my first book: Like I said, I was on a roll. However, immediately after my book launch, I remember this empty feeling that immediately overwhelmed me. It was so bad that I found myself seated on my bedroom floor, holding my stomach, and just rocking back and forth.

Interestingly, a week after the book launch, I went to a retreat like just like the one we are about to attend. On the first evening, still feeling very empty, I remember just seating there begging the Lord for help. I couldn’t explain why I felt so empty, but it didn’t take long before the Lord showed me what this emptiness looked like, and what it mea

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