Out of My Belly Shall Flow – Day 11

Out of My Belly Shall Flow - Day 11

The Bible is filled with many factual stories dealing with the struggles of real people. 2 Kings 4:1-7, is one such story amongst many which proves that God is ‘touched by the feelings of our infirmities’ (Hebrews 4:15). The Bible is a ‘personal’ Book for anyone passing through the struggles of life. The intention of the Bible is to transform; alter; shift; fix; convert; and meet you at the point of your need, (John 4:24). The same ’Word’ that turned up for the ‘Woman at the Well’, was the same Word that turned up just in time for the ‘Poor Widow’. Saints of God, these recorded events are not just their testimonies, but they are ours also.

As we read these stories, the Lord wants us to understand that faithful, devout, godly people experienced struggles, temptations, flaws, failings, prior to their victories. These were people ‘subject to passions just like us’ (James 5:17). However, Scripture never ends at reiterating or repeating His people’s failures, ….

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