Out of My Belly Shall Flow – 7

Out of My Belly Shall Flow – 7 – As we reflect on the text for Talitha Cumi Empowerment Weekend, let us be reminded that we are living in a season of a ‘Great Awakening’. The Lord is shaking His ‘Bride’ out of a place of slumber and calling us into His chamber. It is a ‘holy calling’, a ‘Holy Convocation’, and His Bride is responding to that call. Yet, I must endeavour to be honest with God’s people, as we enter into this wave of God’s outpouring, it will come as a ‘bitter-sweet’ expression of true holiness. True holiness is at war with anything that resembles the adversary, no matter what name it goes by. To be honest, the different labels the world uses to describe the ugliness of sin is not actually acceptable, but understandable; the ‘world’ does not know better.

However, when this belief system or these thought patterns begins to become entrenched in the heart of God’s people, we cannot expect the Lord to remain silent

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