I Will Recover (Rise-up)

Theme Scripture
2 Samuel 22:14-15 &
2 Kings 13:15-18

2024 Theme Word
“The year of Breakthrough & Deliverance”

2024 Declaration:
Shoot the arrow and strike the ground 🏹
1. I Will Recover (Rise-up)
2. ⁠I Will Reposition (Re-set)
3. ⁠I Will Repossess (The

Prayer Topic:
“I Will Recover (Rise-up)”
‘Prayer of Yahweh Deliverance’

“The voice of the Most High Resounded…”
2 Samuel 22:14-15

“I will make my arrow drunk with blood…”
Deuteronomy 32:41-43

“The sword will devour until it is satisfied…”
Jeremiah 46:10

“He ordained His arrows with fire…”
Psalm 7: 11-13

“…God will shoot them with arrows;…”
Psalm 64:7

“God my refuge…fear not…the arrows by day…”
Psalm 91

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