Guarding Your Portals

Is. 43:18-19 ‘And You Shall See It’
Inevitable Favour; Uncommon Manifestation; Sudden Acceleration.

Topic: Guarding Your Portals.

Matthew 6:22-23
‘The Eye Portal’

James 1:19
‘The Mouth Portal’

Matthew 13:14-16
‘The Ear Portal’

Luke 6:45
‘The Heart Portal’

Luke 6:39,41-42
‘The Eye Portal’

Luke 6:47-49
‘The Portal of the Will’

‘The Portal of Submission’

Portals are mentioned in the Bible as doorways, gateways, or entrances that lead to different places or realities. They are often associated with significant events or transitions in the biblical narrative.

They show that God is able to open and close doors between different realms and reveal his purposes and plans to his people. They also show that God invites his people to enter into his presence and participate in his work. Portals are not just physical locations, but spiritual realities that connect us with God and his kingdom.

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