‘Finding Favour with a Covenant Keeping God’

Covenant Keeping God

The Gospel of Luke, and the New Testament as a whole, depict an extremely difficult era for God’s chosen people. The political climate seemed set against them, Roman rule was currently a constant part of life, exile now seemed to be their permanent state of reality. National esteem, self-worth, safety, stability, security, respect, and value were all ‘by-words’. The Romans were the current reigning empire, and they had no regard for the Jews. The Romans considered themselves as chief amongst men, and their Caesars were worshipped as ‘gods’.

The Jews, with their weird customs, culture, behaviour, traditions, laws, belief systems, which included the worshipping of One God called ‘Yah’, was something the Romans found, repulsive and offensive to their way of life. The Jews were barely regarded as human beings. For many Jews, it felt like God was no longer present, but God was there. God had never left them, He had already given them His Word, His Covenant Agree

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